Commercial & Industrial

Every industrial and commercial facility has its own unique requirements that relate to safety and the environment. In order to meet these needs, Grand Staff Electric provides full-service installation and design for any kind of industrial and commercial project.

From the implementation to the design phase, our industrial electricians have the right experience, training and capabilities for the job. Aside from that, they are MHSA or OSHA certified. This enables them to perform electrical tasks within budgets that are mutually agreed upon and on time.

Whether it is a new construction, a major shutdown or relocation, General Staff Electric has experience in the most challenging and complex environments. Aside from that, we have 24-hour emergency electrical support as well as constant presence crews that will be there anytime, anywhere you need them.

Keeping Your Facility Operational

When it comes to installation within an existing plant where ongoing production is needed during construction, General Staff Electric understands the importance of keeping our clients’ facilities up and running. Our company is known around Utah for its quick turnaround installation during a plant shutdown period, whether it be an inventory, a holiday or special occasion plant closings.

After the project has been completed, General Staff Electric is committed to providing our clients with complete warranties and maintenance as well as adequate document support. Aside from that, we offer a state-of-the-art electrical preventive maintenance program. This is done to protect, repair and maintain electrical power systems and services from expensive downtime and failures while maintaining and monitoring power quality for a facility’s longevity and optimization. In simpler terms, we focus on a plant’s electrical operations so you can concentrate on your business needs.

A Total Design and Build Solution

General Staff Electric’s build and design delivery system is a method of construction delivery that offers our clients guaranteed maximum cost benefits, fast delivery and source responsibility for commercial and industrial projects.

Powered by computerized design capabilities and in-house engineering, General Staff Electric has successfully completed a wide range of industrial build and design projects. We form lasting relationships with our clients by providing them with professional industrial and commercial electrical services, a single source of accountability and turn-key operations.
A Flexible Service

Grandstaff Electric Staff has the flexibility to make rapid adjustments and manage unpredicted conditions. This is to make sure everything runs at optimal performance when a project has been completed. With all engineering performed by our certified technicians, we have the capability to respond efficiently and quickly to our clients’ changing needs.

It also enables us to be proactive in exceeding our client’s requirements while remaining receptive to the financial resources of their project. Using General Staff Electric for your commercial and industrial needs will help eliminate common coordination problems while enhancing quality.

A Strong Safety Culture

Aside from helping you obtain your commercial and industrial goals, we also promote a strong culture of safety with every project that we undertake through a culture of continuous review, improvement and proactive safety awareness. Aside from that, our workers comply with local and state guidelines, OSHA and company polices.

They are also provided with continuing safety training and comprehensive programs. Additionally, we design our systems to meet your current needs as well as anticipate emerging technologies and future expansion. Whether the job is small or large, General Staff Electric is always there to provide you with peace of mind.