Data & Communication

Grandstaff Electric installs data and communication networks for both small and large scale projects. Our company has a reputation for execution and quality in the industry from multi-building commercial environments to single work stations.

When clients are utilizing the latest copper and fiber technologies, General Staff Electric has the right expertise to test and install your network’s infrastructure accurately the first time. Aside from that, we use and own high tech testing equipment to document and record network integrity.

Data and Communication Expertise at its Finest

Our registered in-house communication distribution designers provide design and layout services for computer rooms, equipment pathways, racking and server rooms. All of Grandstaff Electric’s installations are fully tested and meticulously labeled according to the manufacturer’s certification.

Aside from that, Grandstaff Electric offers an end-to-end solution and extended performance and product warranties for high speed applications. With a dedicated fleet of resources, the right equipment and experienced personnel, we have the capability to service all of your clients’ data and communication needs.

Fiber Optic Installation Services

One of the communication services that Grandstaff Electric provides is fiber optic installation both outside and inside plant infrastructure. With our fiber optic installation process, our clients are immune to data noise while providing high bandwidth along with security.

At the same time, our outside cabling installation supports a wide variety of solutions that include building automation systems, security, live video, data and telephone transfer. Aside from that, it is used for large scale facilities such as government offices, research centers, campus environments, industrial plants, universities and hospitals.

Typical pathways that Grandstaff Electric utilizes for outside fiber optic installation include direct buried, underground and aerial conduit. What is great about these pathways is that they can be used in any combination to meet our client’s exact needs both inside and outside their establishment.

High Speed Cable Services

As part of their data and communication services, Grandstaff Electric designs and install high speed cables for voice and data networks. Through this service, we help our clients stay ahead of the competition by providing them with all the capabilities found in a full-service contractor. Our uniquely qualified electrical team builds and designs mission critical communication and power systems that provide state-of-the-art technology.

Aside from that, our highly trained personnel can create effective and complete designs to help our clients avoid expensive delays and orders. As certified manufacturer’s installers within the Utah area for every major structured cabling system, our technicians have the capability to construct the most reliable and cleanest low voltage infrastructure for an entire business. Both our technicians and engineers closely work with one another to make sure that your system perfectly complements any technological application that you currently use in your project.

Wireless Access Points Installation

Grandstaff Electric also efficiently installs wireless access points as part of its data and communication services. With this, we help our clients connect their wireless device to any wired network that they want. Wireless access points are used in numerous applications such as creating wireless access or hotspots to an office LAN.

Our wireless access point installation makes the Internet more reliable than ever before. At the same time, it can support a standard for receiving and sending data with fewer cables. Wireless access points installed by Grandstaff Electric can tolerate a wide range of temperature changes, high humidity and exposure to oil, dust and water.

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