Facilities, universities and municipalities that own and use their own utilities know that repair and maintenance is very important in providing low-cost and reliable power for their needs. That is why General Staff Electric offers their clients maintenance and repair services that can meet their own unique requirements.

A Convenient Process

Every maintenance and repair job performed by Grandstaff Electric follows a thorough process to make sure that they have covered every facet that could lead to malfunctioning in their client’s power utility. Their maintenance process starts with a meeting with the utility owner in order to thoroughly discuss the repairs or maintenance needed.

After this, we provide our clients with written documentation of the work to be done along with the overall expenses. Repair work will begin once all maintenance and repair needs have been approved by the owner.

With our maintenance work, we perform testing, maintenance and cleaning on all equipment. We discuss repairs with the owner if any form of damage is found. Additionally, we provide our clients with a list of parts needed to repair the damaged equipment. After all of the parts have been obtained, we repair all damaged equipment possible.

During the repairs, we also document all maintenance, cleaning, repair and testing results in our test record sheets. This done to determine if our maintenance has obtained the results that our clients need. We also provide them with a complete test report that indicates the health of each piece of equipment.

Planned Preventive Maintenance

General Staff Electric can provide a wide range of planned maintenance packages that suit any kind of company taking into account all important aspects of a business and their chosen. Planned preventive maintenance is also called scheduled maintenance and has a few benefits. It allows our clients to experience increased productivity in their business. This is because regular maintenance can help prevent any unnecessary downtime by accurately identifying problems before they escalate. The other benefit of planned preventive maintenance is that it can greatly prolong the life of equipment found in clients’ installations.

Both of these benefits allow clients to operate their company to its fullest potential. At the same time, it helps them in maximizing their profit. Aside from that, we have the capability to carry out any preventive maintenance at a time that is suitable for customers.

Reactive Maintenance

General Staff Electric provides a 365 day, 24 hour reactive maintenance service. No matter what day or time it is, our technicians are there to help. The company’s dedicated reactive maintenance desk works closely with General Staff Electric’s fleet of reactive engineers. This enables them to send the closest engineer out to deal with business critical situations.

It also ensures that an engineer arrives as soon as possible. What makes our reactive maintenance stand out from the competitors is that we can tailor it to create a maintenance package that meets our clients’ individual needs.

A Unique Maintenance Service

What makes General Staff Electric’s maintenance service stand out from the rest is that it gives our clients peace of mind knowing that it is done by a professional company. At the same time, it conforms to statutory obligations. This means that it meets the guidelines set by the federal and state government.

At the same time, it provides a safer environment for both users and visitors. It also helps clients extend the life expectancy of their equipment and plant.